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Each guest who enters blō Out Lounge and Colour Bar goes on a personalized journey. We guide our guests from their first phone call to an Artisan who best suits the guests hair needs. We welcome you into our home, give you a place to relax and feel special, and know you’ll leave looking and feeling more beautiful than when you arrived.

Each member of our talented team of Artisans has their own specialty, training, artistic vision, and personal story to share. On this page you’ll learn more about us, but we can’t wait to hear a little about you! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok and come say hi!

Caterina, owner of blō Out Lounge & Colour Bar in Hamilton Square NJ

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I started the Lounge to create a place for talented and hardworking Artisans where they could deliver amazing service to every guest. We live by the values on our walls and lead with our hearts to ensure all of our guests feel like they’re more than just guests; they’re a part of our blō Out family.

My work plays an incredibly important and positive part in my life. It started with the realization that I’m not in the haircutting business and I’m not in the beauty business. However humble it may be, I’m in the healing business. I’ve seen first-hand the incredible power hair stylists have to help women improve their self-esteem and recognize their self-worth from the inside. The first time I watched one of my guests raise her downcast eyes, look at herself in my mirror, and truly recognize her own perfection—that I had helped her see—I knew this was my calling.

When we connect, it’s because of trust.

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Our mission at blō Out Lounge and Colour Bar is to serve others in all areas of our lives, both personal and professional, through consistent guidance, education, experience, and shared values.
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